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After Action Plan

Homeland Security Exercise and Evlauation Program (HSEEP)
After Action Report/Improvement Plan
Refer to the HSEEP website AAR/IP at for the Cover page, Handling Instructions and Table of Contents.
Associated Event   
After Action Report/ Improvement Plan (AAR/IP)
Choose the associated event in the top of the form, from the pull down menu. By the time you get to the After Action Report stage, this should already have been added to the system.
* Publication Date
* Exercise Name
Add the following text by cut-and-past, into the body of the desription. Add your own text in the next paragraph. AFTER ACTION REPORT/IMPROVEMENT PLAN Based on the exercise planning team's deliberations, the following objectives were developed for the Exercise named
When writing the Executive Summary, keep in mind that this section may be the only part of the AAR/IP that some people will read. Introduce this section by stating the full name of the exercise and providing a brief overview of the exercise. This brief overview should discuss why the exercise was consducted; the exercise objective; and what Target Capabilites List (TCL) capabilites, activies, and scenario(s) wer used to achieve thos objectives. all of these areas will be discussed in more detail in the subsequuent chapters of the AAR/IP. In addition, the Executive summary may be used to summarze any hight-even observation that cut across multiple cababilites. CUT AND PAST THE FOLLOWING INTO THE TEXT AREA ON THE RIGHT: The Spartanburg Regional Medical Center [exercise type] exercise [exercise name] was developed to test SRMCís [Capability 1], [Capability 2], and [Capability 3] capabilities. The exercise planning team was composed of numerous and diverse agencies, including [list of agencies participating in planning team]. The exercise planning team discussed [include a brief overview of the major issues encountered, discussed, and resolved during the exercise planning process. Topics to address in this section could include the length of the planning process, the reasoning behind the planning teamís choice of objectives to exercise, etc.]
* Objective 1:
One sentence description of the exercise objective
* Objective 2:
One sentence description of the exercise objective
* Objective 3:
One sentence description.
CUT AND PASTE IN THE TEXT BOX: The purpose of this report is to analyse exercise results, identify strengths to be maintained and built upon, identfy potential areas of further improvement, and support development of corrective actions.
CUT AND PASTE THIS IN THE TEXT BOX ON THE RIGHT, ALONG WITH BULLET POINTS. 3 IS RECOMMENDED: The major strengths identified during this exercise are as follows:
CUT & PASTE INTO TEXT AREA, FOLLOWED BY BULLET POINT LIST: Throughout the exercise, several opportunities for improvement for Spartanburg Regional Medical Center's ability to respond to the indcident were identified. The primary areas for improvement, including recommendations, are as follows:
Statement of success level achieved, and areas in which subsequent exercises conducted by Spartanburg Regional Hospital should focus.
  Excercise Name
  Type of Exercise
  Exercise Start Date
Insert Month, day, and year that the exercise began.
  Exercise End Date
Name of Grant from which the exercise funding originated.
Whether to Preven, Protect, Response or Recovery.
Addressed were the following Target Capabilities:
  Scenario Type
Example: Chemical Release.
  Exercise Planning Team
Name of each planning team member, leadership, roles of each, job title, mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address.
  Participating Organizations
List of Individual participating organization or agencies, including Federal, State, Tribal, NGO, Local and International agencies, and contract support companies as applicable.
  Number of Participants
List of the total number of each of the following exercise participants, as applicable: . Players . Controllers . Evaluators . Facilitators . Observers . Victim Role Players
The process that you used to undertake design of the drill.
  Exercise Purpose and Design
  Exercise Objectives, Capabilities, and Activities
List exercise objective and allign them with associated capabilites from the Target Capbilites List (TCL). For each TCL capability, there is an Exercise Evaluation Guide (EEG) which lists specific activities which must be performed to demonstrate a capability. In addition to the TCL capabilities, the EEG activities relevant to each objective should also be included in this section. Begin this section with the recommended text.
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